Easy Accents allows users to easily insert accents for different languages directly from a side-bar within their Google Doc or Google Slides projects.

Support our mission to keep languages alive by upgrading to our new Premium subscription. Current premium features include the ability to set a default language. No more having to select your language of choice each time you open Easy Accents!

Premium Features

  • Set a default language.

  • Create up to three custom input sets.

    • These can be any combination of marks, words or phrases that you would like to easily insert into documents.

  • Premium only marks.

    • Math - Common

    • Math - Logic

    • Kaomoji - Japanese emoticon

Want to purchase Easy Accents Premium subscriptions for your school?

  • $350.00 one time cost for a lifetime school license.

  • Unlimited domains (associated with the school).

Click here to request an Easy Accents education license